Our Story

Like many stories of change and growth, ours began with a prayer.

For INTRONAUT® founder Mario Capon, a curiosity for spiritual expression and greater meaning has deep roots. Growing up in a Jewish family in Mexico, Mario pushed back on traditional religious dogma as a young man to explore more mystical forms of Judaism, Buddhism, and New Age philosophies, and seek out what felt like honey to his soul.

Later, after Mario began a family of his own, he and his wife encountered the unthinkable when their two children faced life-threatening medical challenges at different points in their lives. Each time, despite finding the best care possible, Mario felt a sense of powerlessness. But rather than retreat and focus on the negative, he turned inward and communicated with the positive energy of God through prayer to keep his family safe. Miraculously, it worked—twice.

Feeling that support through his faith brought Mario closer to it and the dogma he’d spent years keeping at arm’s length. That dogma, he realized, was the guiding light he needed to enhance his spirituality in all its forms. Through his Judaism and years of study in other practices, Mario holds a unique perspective on the interconnectedness of the spiritual spectrum. Strengthened by his beliefs, learnings, and a desire to help others discover their inner selves, he sought to find a new way to both connect with and inspire the world around him.

Using his more than 30 years of experience as a manufacturer in the garment industry working for some of the world’s most iconic brands, Mario channeled his passion for apparel and spiritual growth into a new brand unlike any the world had ever seen—or felt.

Enter INTRONAUT, a line of energy-enhancing garments made to empower what Mario believes is the most perfect thing ever created: You.

We aren’t meant to just exist. We’re meant to thrive and use the power we have within ourselves to become vital energy filters that purify and radiate positivity back into the universe. But sometimes we need something to ground us back in ourselves. It’s okay to need help, and even better if that help looks good on you. Developed with ancient technologies rooted in spiritual healing, INTRONAUT garments harness the power of words, chakra points, crystal therapy, and qi meridians to heal, inspire, and illuminate the inner self.

Because an Intronaut knows that by enhancing your inner growth, you’ll expand your mind, cover your body, and uncover your soul.

“May INTRONAUT aid you on your journey, wherever you are and wherever you are headed.” Mario Capon's signature

Our Founder

Mario Capon is an explorer and student of the universe. The spiritual path that he has trod has been mysterious and winding, and along the way, he has learned so much from the journey and the people he has met along the way. Now, Mario is excited to give back to those who have given him so much. With his experience in the garment industry, Mario created INTRONAUT, garments for explorers of the self.


Our Mission

Intronauts know from firsthand experience that the more you give, the more you receive. That’s why our mission is to build a community of like-minded and like-souled individuals that can create a better world from the inside out.

With every purchase of an INTRONAUT garment:

Currently, customers can choose to donate to one of the following non-profits: